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Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Jona Manufacturing Services, Inc. provides this website to convey information about our business to potential clients.  

We do nouse cookies or any other tracking tools to collect information about you, nor do we collect any payment details since you can't purchase anything on our site.

We do not collect comments, feedback  or product reviews, and we will not ask you to fill out a survey or poll. Furthermore, we will not send you company updates, newsletters or advertisements, and will not follow up with texts or postal mailings.

In order to give the best attention to your project, we require you send your request directly to our company mailbox, which is monitored daily. Information you provide to us is not shared with anyone outside of Jona Manufacturing Services, unless it is a subcontractor who will be working on the project. Otherwise, your information is kept private within the organization.  Any subsequent contact, after the project is complete, must be initiated by you. 

Our site is hosted by, and they may collect and store data about you on one of their secure servers. In addition, your web browser, such as Google, may use web tools like Google Analytics to collect and store information about your interaction with our site. Some of the information collected by these other organizations may be accessible to Jona, but we do not use it. 

The data these other entities collect in no way influences our clientele, projects, or the services we perform.


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